About Spiral River Jewelry

Welcome to Spiral River Jewelry

Exclusive, Bespoke, Artisan and Metaphysical, Limited Edition and One of a Kind Jewelry, handmade by Neva Murtha on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, Canada

Each Spiral River Design is created from the consciousness of truth and meditative silence, honouring the beauty and abundance of grandmother earth as well as the metaphysical properties of the semi-precious stones and metals, and blessed by the energies of the Pacific North West.

Neva has always been an artist and has always had a great connection with the stone people and the elements. The more she has traveled her spiritual path the more her art has evolved to reflect the wholeness she feel as a result of this journey. You'll see the symbols of wholeness reflected within the circles, hoops, spirals and stones Neva uses in her designs.  It's this wholeness and metaphysical connection she loves sharing with the InSpirted at Heart.

The Spiral River symbolizes the Milky Way Galaxy. Scientists have discovered we come from stardust and many of Neva's creations are inspired by the galactic core. Spiral River Designs are also inspired by light, the sun, the ocean, nature, stars, truth, big old wise trees, stones of all types, as well as the alchemy of silence and the creative process that flows forth.

Offering Special Personal Blessings with your Custom Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings:

In addition to being a jewelry artist, Neva is also an ordained minister and certified Relationship Enhancement Counselor. She is happy to bring blessings to your rings. If you would like this, please let Neva know what intentions you would like her to bring to your ring as she forms it. She will repeat it like a mantra in her mind and in doing so the creation of the ring will be joined with your consciousness and wishes.

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