• mens artisan hammered copper cuff
  • mens artisan hammered copper cuff
  • mens artisan hammered copper cuff
  • mens artisan hammered copper cuff

mens artisan hammered copper cuff


Please measure the distance around your wrist and choose that measurement (not the length of other bracelets you like the fit of)

Made to order to your size in a few weeks. A simply gorgeous, solid hammered copper cuff bracelet forged in the heart of the Spiral River. It's created with 5mm diameter copper, designed to have a .5 - 1" opening to slide on to smaller wrists, and a 1.5-2" opening for larger wrists. It's finished with a brushed texture and stamped with a little spiral signature inside (2nd picture). It looks great on men and women.

BRACELET SIZING: please measure the distance around your wrist and order that size. For example, if your wrist is 7" around, order the 7" bracelet.  You will receive a bracelet that is sized so you can adjust it to perfection.

You can order your bracelet with optional protective wax sealing (renaissance wax) which will slow the oxidization process and reduce the chances of the copper turning your skin green if it is prone to do that.

What others have said about this copper cuff:

"Gorgeous! It feels at home."

"I love mine and it fits perfectly."

"It's all I could ask for. It is really impressive. I made a minor adjustment and the cuff fits perfectly."

"It is an absolutely beautiful piece of jewellery. Thank you so much for your wonderful work, and for the super-quick turnaround."

Spiritual Properties of Copper:

Metaphysically, Copper is said to stimulate the flow of energy, to enhance psychic abilities, amplify thoughts, and it is said to assist in channeling and communicating with higher dimensional beings. Copper is a very grounding metal and it has the ability to transfer vibrational frequencies from the higher vibrational realms of spirit into the physical. In the esoteric tradition of the 7 Rays, copper is the metal of the 5th Ray (knowledge).


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