• artisan 14k rose gold wedding band with recycled gold
  • artisan 14k rose gold wedding band with recycled gold

artisan 14k rose gold wedding band with recycled gold - made to order with personal blessing


Made to order to your size. A beautiful 14k rose gold wedding band forged in the heart of the Spiral River with 4mm wide and 2mm thick recycled rose gold.

Feel free to talk with me about rose gold wedding band sets.

You can chose your preferred finish: high shine or matte/brushed. The matte/brushed is shown above. Please specify your preference when you check out.

Gold’s beauty symbolizes wealth and prosperity. It is also said to facilitate communication between humans and a spiritual world. Gold through history has been associated with the numinous including the sun, divinity and eternal life. In the esoteric tradition of the 7 Rays, gold is the metal of the 1st Ray (will).

What others have said about my rings:

"PERFECT in every way!"

"They are beautiful and fit perfectly! I love them! Thank you for making these for me."

"Beautiful hammered ring!!! Fits perfectly and is very comfortable. Thank you very much!!!"

Blessing your Ring:

In addition to being a jewelry artist, I am also an ordained minister. Therefore I am happy to bring blessings to your ring.  If you would like this, please let me know what intentions you would like me to bring to your ring as I form it. I will repeat it like a mantra in my mind and in doing so the creation of the ring will be joined with your consciousness and wishes.

Custom Ring Sizing:

Let’s make sure I create the right size ring for you.  I work with US ring sizes and I am very careful to size your custom rings to the size you order.  Please double check the size you need before placing your order.  You can do this by measuring the inside diameter (from one side to the other) of another ring you like the fit of.  Please make sure the measurement is precise down to fractions of millimetres. Please send me this ID measurement along with the ring size you desire upon checkout.  Alternatively ask me for the ring sizing tool. Unfortunately not all ring sizers measure to the same size & jewelry store measurements are not always reliable, so I do need the inside diameter measurement to fit your custom ring.  Resizing can be as much work as creating a new ring, therefore resizing fees start at $25 for bands, plus return shipping. Please be sure to read my refund/exchange policies for custom rings before placing your order.