• raw diamond engagement ring & 14k gold wedding band
  • conflict free raw diamond engagement ring
  • raw diamond engagement ring & 14k gold wedding band
  • raw diamond engagement ring & 14k gold wedding band
  • conflict free raw diamond engagement ring
  • raw diamond engagement ring & 14k gold wedding band

1 carat raw diamond and sterling engagement ring with 14k yellow gold wedding band - bespoke


Made to order to your size in 3-4 weeks. A stunning rustic and artisan engagement ring and wedding band set created with a raw diamond (2nd picture- approximately 1 carat, 4.5x.4.5x5mm) solitaire set in a claw/prong setting on a 2mm hammered sterling silver ring band accompanied by an artisan hammered 14k yellow gold wedding band (also 2mm diameter). Both rings will be forged by hand and love in the heart of the Spiral River.

Please specify your ring size in the notes when you check out.

Because I am working with Mother Nature and natural stones, exact sizes, shapes and colours vary. 

These beautiful raw diamonds have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations resolutions. My supplier guarantees that these diamonds are conflict free, based on personal knowledge and written guarantees provided. My supplier even sends me a Kimberly Process certificate with the diamonds. Let me know if you'd like to see a copy of the certificate. 

Blessing your Ring: 
In addition to being a jewelry artist, I am also an ordained minister. Therefore I am happy to bring blessings to your rings. If you would like this, please let me know what intentions you would like me to bring to your rings as I form them. I will repeat it like a mantra in my mind and in doing so, the creation of the ring will be joined with your consciousness and wishes.

Spiritual and Metaphysical Qualities:
Diamonds are said to symbolize the central sun of the solar system and purity while it’s white light helps you integrate wholeness in your life. It’s considered a strong bond in relationships, reflecting clarity and love in the relationship. It’s also considered an abundance attractor and amplifies energy while filling holes in ones aura. It’s also said to stimulate imagination, creativity and inventiveness. In the esoteric tradition of the 7 rays, diamond is the stone of the 1st ray (will) and aligns with the crown or Sahasrara chakra ("hail the jewel in the lotus") therefore it can help remove mental blocks on the path to enlightenment. Diamond is the birthstone for those born in April, May and July.

Gold’s beauty symbolizes wealth and prosperity. It is also said to facilitate communication between humans and a spiritual world. Gold through history has been associated with the numinous including the sun, divinity and eternal life. In the esoteric tradition of the 7 Rays, gold is the metal of the 1st Ray (will).

Silver is closely linked to the moon and is a metal of clear light, of the psychic mind, and of loving and healing, of wisdom, self control and reflection. It is said to have calming and cleansing properties while amplifying the energy of any gemstone it comes in contact with. It also symbolizes wealth and prosperity. In the esoteric tradition of the 7 Rays, silver is the metal of the 7th Ray (ceremony).

Custom Ring Sizing:
Let’s make sure I create the right size ring for you. I work with US/Canadian ring sizes. I am very careful to size your custom rings to the size you order. Please double check the size you need before placing your order. You can do this by measuring the inside diameter of another ring you like the fit of. Please make sure the measurement is precise down to fractions of millimetres. Please send me this measurement along with the ring size you desire upon checkout. 

Please be see sure to read all my policies about refunds and exchanges before making a purchase.